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Let's Get Shirty - Event 31st March, 2013

(An idea that started with a picture of old shirts and grew within minutes on Facebook - its time to get shirty!)

Are you sick and tired of paying the costs of cleaning up the "dirty" mess our government leaves. Are you Fed up of the mistakes that our government have made including bailing out banks, and allowing politicians to do pretty much anything they want.

Well now you have a opportunity of doing something about it and have your say!

We are creating an event called "Let's Get Shirty"

A FREE flyer will be available for you to download and print off and circulate to your friends Here

You can find out more about this Event Here

 To Number 10 With Love

to number 10 with love


To Number 10 With "Love" - Any time event

Inspired by Keith Ordinary Guy and The Daily Cameron

We are inviting everyone who feels passionate about the government to send them your views via letter. You can write any time you want and this is an ongoing event.

Examples of past letters can be found here.

Feel free to share your efforts by sending us copies that we can post on the website. Your anonimity will be respected at all times.


Remember when writing letters that these are Government records and so they have to acknowledge them. Nearly all of the letters send so far fall under the category of "satiral" humour. There is an act called the Malicious Communications Act so make sure you always indicate that it is clearly "satire" in your correspondence.

You can find out more about how you can participate Here

Do Nothing Day

Do Nothing Day
 - Scheduled for ..........

More details about this event coming soon !!!




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