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Let's Get Shirty


 Let's see how they like cleaning our dirty mess up for a change!

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How to Participate

On the 30th March, 2013 we will be inviting people to post all their dirty shirts, t shirts, and jumpers to Number 10 Downing Street. We would hope that at least 10,000 people plus decided to participate in this event.

All you have to do is sign up for our events page on Facebook and confirm you  are going on the Events Page. Its a simple as that!

You can also use the FREE subscription form on the left to receive updates and reminders if you do NOT wish to use Facebook. We promise to never share your email address.




How it will work ?

The idea behind "Let's Get Shirty" is to create as much publicity and awareness as possible via Facebook, Twitter and social media. That is why it is so important that people actually follow through and why we decided to organise it as a proper event. You can share the event by on Facebook, Twitter and Social Media. We will also be adding free downloadable posters and leaflets.

There is also a detailed explanation of how to share the event pinned on the Events Page

You can also share this website link for those people that do not use Facebook

We need as many people as possible to spread awareness. Talk to your friends, post on facebook, and put up leaflets.


What address do I use?

There is some debate as to whether Number 10 actually have post redirected for security reasons.

The main address is:

10 Downing Street


What about postage costs?

If you are on low income you can send them second class. You can send anything: an old jumper, a sweatsshirt, a shirt a T-shirt, even a babies T-shirt. the smaller the item the less postage. We are NOT suggesting you do not put postage stamps on. We estimate it will cost between £1-£2 depending on the size of the item. The money goes to Royal Mail and NOT the government.

We absolutely do NOT want you enclosing any nasty surprises in the parcel. The idea is to send just a shirt, t-shirt and nothing more. Despite some peoples suggestions to include other things we DO NOT support this.


What date do I send them ?

Although you are free to send shirts any time the idea is to try and co-ordinate it so the maximum amount of parcels are all sent over a period of 1-2 days. We would suggest that you start sending them on the 30th March, 2013 depending on what size parcel you are sending and whether or not you have decided to send them second of first class. If you are sending 2nd class you may want to send it the day before. Don't worry about washing them because if they end up at a charity depot they will be washed and sorted anyway.

We hope that the majority of parcels will arrive at their desired destination on the 1st April, 2013 (April Fool's day) which will ultimately gain some media attention!


How can I help promote it?

The people organising this event are doing it voluntarily in their own time but the more people that help to coordinate it the better. The most important thing is that you SHARE IT!

In one day alone we managed to get 675 people to agree to participate. With over 9 weeks before the event takes place the potential to reach thousands of people is possible. There is a countdown page on the front of the website  Link Page  Events Page 



Details of how to share the event are pinned on the Events page which will be updated.

Twitter - We would also ask that you share it as a tweet every week on Twitter using the following hashtags #GETSHIRTY #BIGSHIRTOFF.

It's probably better NOT to use hashtags like "Cameron" because the whole point is they won't know its coming. Feel free to share it on your Blog if you are a writer especially if you have an audience of people who are unhappy with the government.

You can also follow us on Twitter at You can see many great suggestions for Tweets at the bottom of the page such as "Join me in stripping off for a BEST cause!" along with all the links already done so you just have to CUT and PASTE them into twitter.



blogFeel free to share and post articles about the government cuts, including any on this site, and share the event using the links


keep calm and get shirtyPosters, Flyers, T-Shirt Designs and Facebook profile buttons can be downloads here 



If you have any connections with media and so on please get in contact with us. You can either do it via email or contact the coordinators on the Link and/or Events page (See - How will it work?)


Why bother, It won't make any difference ?

Whether you agree with peaceful protests or not this event is something everyone can do. Whilst it may "appear" we are not being serious it gives a very clear message to the government that people are not happy any more. You will also be sending a clear message to the government that we are no longer prepared to clean up their dirty laundry. There's also a good chance all the items will end up going to Charity.

This is also the first of many peaceful inventive protests and events that will be coordinated over the next few months. You can find out more about different ongoing events here 



We will be posting regular updates including a FLYER that you can download and print off. This will be available in the next couple of days courtesy of one of the events attendees. These Flyers can be posted in community centres, welfare groups etc.


Suggestions for Tweets

If you can promote on twitter and use this the following tinyurls alternately. This means we have the MAXIMUM amount of exposure either directly to the event or to the website for those that do not use facebook. Please use as many inventive headlines as possible and feel free to use your own. If you need any suggestions I have cut and pasted some below which you can edit.

Join me in stripping off for a BEST cause! ever #GETSHIRTY
Join me in stripping off for a BEST cause! ever #GETSHIRTY
Join me in stripping off for a BEST cause! ever #GETSHIRTY

I'm getting shirty with the government, want to join me? #GETSHIRTY
I'm getting shirty with the government, want to join me? #GETSHIRTY
I'm getting shirty with the government, want to join me? #GETSHIRTY

Best protest EVER. I'll be taking part; will you? #GETSHIRTY
Best protest EVER. I'll be taking part; will you? #GETSHIRTY
Best protest EVER. I'll be taking part; will you? #GETSHIRTY

Want to get shirty with Number 10, join me? #GETSHIRTY
Want to get shirty with Number 10, join me? #GETSHIRTY
Want to get shirty with Number 10, join me? #GETSHIRTY


You can also share using the Facebook, Social Media and Tweet  buttons on the left hand side of the site. 

To find out what other events we will be doing you can go here 



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