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About the Sponsors of Waking You Up 


Waking Up Up was was built by Sarah Strudwick and is jointly run by both Sarah Tate and Sarah Strudwick to educate people about psychopathic personalities.  We occasionally have contributory posts from other authors and experts in the field of psychopathy.

Like most victims of psychopaths and narcissists both Sarah's wrote their books in the hope that it would help other victims and both Sarah's were left financially and emotionally ruined as a result of staying in relationship with these people. Both Sarah's uncovered that their partners lives were complete and utter lies. 

When Writing Web of lies Sarah Tate said “I started writing the book as a form of self therapy and in order to be better able to explain things to my children as they grew older. However, as I was writing, it quickly became apparent that I had an important message which may be able to help other people who find themselves in a similar nightmare situation. I hope my story can educate people to recognise the signs of this disorder and understand that they are not the ones with the problem. Escape and recovery are possible, you just need to know where to turn for help.” 

And when writing Dark Souls Sarah Strudwick said “Hind site is a wonderful thing and if I have learnt anything from this experience, it is how to spot these predators before they spot me. The irony is had I written this book ten years ago I would never given him the time of day. My wish is that "Dark Souls" gives my readers the tools I never had. “ 

Both women came together as a result of their passion to help others. They are not alone and there are thousands of other victims out there all doing their best to find their voice. Some have written books on their own stories about being victims of narcissists and psychopaths. Other have written books on understanding the psychopathic personality. All have the same vision to empower and encourage victims to understand the truly disturbing nature of these character disturbed individuals. Many are running forums and support groups for victims of abuse. All work tirelessly in the hope that no one has to go through what they had to. 

What is interesting is that both Sarah Strudwick and Sarah Tate come from two opposite ends of the abuse spectrum. Sarah Tate grew up with a kind, loving supportive family who were not abusive and she was married to her partner. Sarah Strudwick on the other hand grew up with childhood abuse and was initially the “other woman” to her abuser as a result of his having lied to her about cancer to keep her in relationship. 

If you were to read Sarah Tate's story you could have easily replaced him with Sarah's ex boyfriend. And yet at the end of the day both are victims.

The bottom line is these predators do NOT care whether you have had a lovely childhood or grown up with abuse. What they do care about is finding something in a person that they can use to manipulate and con you with. Whether its stealing your money, stealing your heart and eventually trying to steal your soul. 

To find out more about the sponsors of this website you can follow the links to Sarah Tate's website here and Sarah Strudwick's coaching work and book here