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When Hope is Not enough 

Sarah Strudwick


As an Empath I tend to avoid reading the newpapers and watching TV because I end up feeling depressed but occasionally I watch it and rather than taking it on personally it makes me feel powerless and somewhat angry.


I recently came across an article in a couple of UK newspapers about Prince Andrews and his friendship with a convicted paedophile, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Apparently the British Media are outraged at his involvement with Jeffrey and are asking him to stand down as trade envoy.


What's interesting about this whole saga is that the same media who are protesting about paedophiles so much are the very same media that promote naked girls on the pages of their magazines and tabloid newspapers. On one page you will read this type of story on and the next there will be Katie Price flaunting herself and talking about her ex trannie, cross dressing boyfriend Alex Reid and revealing her sex secrets. But of course the public with lap all that op. They don't want to hear real stories, and its only when you get the likes of the odd celebrity that eventually flips out as a result of their disordered personality like the OJ Simpson's of this world that we hear things like. OJ had narcissistic Personality Disorder.


If its not news in the UK you have the likes of Charlie Sheen being painted as loveable sociopath because he's managed to shack up with two women even though he's been banned from seeing his own children without supervision because he's unsafe and hes totally lost the plot. Just read the comments on Youtube on his videos. People write things like “what a star” “hes f*cking legend”.


The problem is that the media portrays this type of behaviour as normal and is only when the word “paedophile” rears its ugly head that everyone says “Ohhhh thats disgusting” and even if the likes of Jeffrey Epstein who used the same lawyers as OJ Simpson who is a narcissist, to help him get off because he had a nice big bank balance and friends in high places. Epstein managed to get away with an an 18 month stint in prison and a years house arrest whereby someone else gets life imprisonment or 30 years for the same crime. So why is all the other behaviour of celebrities and politicians gets selectively excused? It makes good TV.


No one is saying that Charlie Sheen is dangerous or that he's all of his behaviour is a mask to disguise his narcissism or sociopathy. They may well be “protesting” again when he messes up and does an OJ Simpson in a few months or but instil then he's a hero.


And what about the victims. How do they feel when they are constantly seeing the media portraying these people as ”normal” and their behaviour being “acceptable”. It has become so normal nowadays to be narcissist or sociopathic. Yet the the media aren't prepared to educate the masses and teach them that we live in a society that is now majorly disordered.


I have finally come to the conclusion that hope is just not enough.


I did an interview with George Simon and he reminded me “Have hope Sarah” however hope is what has driven victims like myself to keep on going. George finished the interview by saying but my question is “How bad has it got to get”. Hope is what has driven victims of these disordered characters for their whole lives. Hoping that one day people will finally “get it”. We as victims got it along time ago but my question is when will the rest of the world finally start waking up and getting it too so that there wont be any more victims and people like us will be able to stop education those unfortunate souls that have been on the tail end of we we were led to believe was their "normal" behaviour.


The Medias Part in Portraying Sociopaths and Narcissists as Normal 


Having read the news today, I don't think its getting better and the only way that things will change is if the Media stop portraying these psychopathic personalities as normal and get their act together and start waking up too. But then they too are part of the disordered culture so what hope is there?


Until then we will continue to read more and more of these stories in the press every day and its left up to victims and writers like myself to spend our days writing articles like this.