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Inside the Mind of a Psychopath

Sarah Strudwick


This article originally appeared on Sarah Strudwick's Book page on how it might feel to step inside a Psychopath and and think and feel like them. Sarah is an Empath. Empaths have the ability to feel other peoples feelings. However in her book she explains that since many of the victims of psychopaths are empaths often they take on their feelings as well.

Any type of person can be drawn to a Psychopath usually because they are charismatic, charming and manipulative. However often their victims are Empaths. Why is this? Because they are able to mimic feelings and emotions that for us is genuine, but for them is a tool. And because they "appear" to be much like us, we think that they are also Empaths. Sadly nothing could be further from the truth!

However on a positive not once the Empath has the ability to separate what is fact from fiction they can also have the ability to step energetically into the Psychopath and literally feel what if feels like to be them at which point they want to move away from the relationship immediately.

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