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A Warning for victims and fluffy bunny lightworkers

Sarah Strudwick


As a spiritual life coach I was prompted to write this article today after receiving one of the many emails I receive in my in box. We live in a world that has become extremely separated on so many levels. In one level there are many conscience, kind, empathic, loving, individuals doing their bit for the community, working tirelessly. These include people who may perhaps be providing support for victims of abuse or working to provide education.


However the longer I have worked in this field the more I have noticed what I call a “fluffy bunny mentality” whereby some people are so focussed on their own feelings of omnipotence as spiritual light workers, healers and so on that they literally think they can “cure everything and everyone” by sending out positive love and light and that by sitting around together raising their energy, holding hands, singing Kumbaya and waving the peace flag that the world will miraculously become a better place.


When the following comment arrived in my in box this morning to one of the many groups saying “Letting Light In...Visualize yourself as pure energy filled with light, a perfect soul with a purpose in life. Imagine letting go of fear based thinking and moving into a place of love and trust. The Universe provides everything you need. If you listen and trust, you will see things, people, and experiences in a different light. In doing this, you will shine from the inside, out. Your radiance will expand to others, sending them light. Shine on “ it pretty much summed up the whole way these people think and was the reason I wrote this article. What I also notice is they only see positivity in everything. There are no posts on anything else, nor mention that there is global collapse in the economy. Its all very one sided. Part of the duality of life is about learning about both sides of everything. Learning that there are good people out there and also being aware and educating people about what is not good in the world so that we can protect ourselves and become informed.


Since writing Dark Souls I have been inundated by emails from Empaths who have had relationships with psychopaths and its this kind of “denial” that keeps them from seeing the world in the wrong way i.e. with rose coloured glasses on. People who believe that "love will conquer all" do not want to accept that there are people out there that would destroy others without batting an eyelid. It's also those types of people who end up being victims and turn into fluffy bunnies with teeth when they find themselves being victimised. Why because they have literally been wandering around blinded by the light and still refuse to see darkness. They then remain in denial by projecting onto other victims who may go to them for healing by saying “It was all part of your highest destiny” or feed them with stories about about how “everything was meant to be for a reason”. Perhaps even throw in a few past life stories to put all the blame back on the victim.


The only blame on the victim is that they didn't see these predators coming. They didn't see them coming because they were in so much in denial that they wanted to believe that there was good in everyone. And if you want to use the analogy of dark forces. These fluffies didn't want to believe that dark forces exist. I have been attacked on all sides since writing Dark Souls not only from the psychopaths themselves who don't want to be exposed but by empaths who say its not healthy to scare people. I have been criticised for saying that monsters exist and that this planet isn't all love and light. It doesn't mean I think the whole world is full of psychopaths but I would rather live with my rose coloured glasses off and empower and educate people than disempower them with statements that keep them sucked into a victim mentality.


On a purely metaphysical level sending positive energy to these people is a one way street and only draws there energy nearer to you like moths to a flame. This isn't healthy when you are trying to get away from a psychopath. Pychopaths are projecting machines and most empaths walk away feeling angry wanting revenge and so on and yet this isn't their nature.  When they learn now to separate what is real and what isn't they sudden start having a lightbulb moment and a healing occurs.  It doesn't occur when they are trying so hard to understand the other disordered person. Yes learn about them and then move on.


On a personal level after wasting a year with one of these fluffy bunny lightworkers being told I should try to understand him and even suggesting that he went to her for some kind of "healing" which might miraculously change him, which prolonged it for a further few months.  He loved it having all that attention and did he change of course not!


So without trying to scare anyone the fact is that psychopaths are everywhere, although fortunately in the minority, but they are on the increase. Statistics show there are between 1-5 per cent of the population who are psychopaths alone. Howerver, sending love and light to a psychopath isn't going to cure them. It isn't going to make them see the light and it isn't go to make them go away. All it will do is keep more victims stuck. The only way these people these light workers are ever going to get it is by taking their heads out of the clouds and waking up out of the illusion they have created for themselves.


Fluffy bunny light workers and healers need to start getting real. Because if they don't all they are doing is enabling these psychopaths. And you only have to go onto websites like sociopathworld to see it in action and how many empaths are getting sucked in by there stories. They actually want to try and understand these people. In fact if you really are a genuine empath and actually go on the site for more than a few minutes you will feel like your soul is disappearing slowly or worst you will end up one of their victims.


So please, my message to any fluffy bunnies who are reading this post is, I know your intentions may be good but please start waking up! Stop trying to send loving light to these predators and start educating yourselves and other people instead. We all need to live harmoniously but we also need survival skills.  But educating ourselves we can all learn to live harmoniously with these people by learning how to spot them before they spot us rather than thinking they will go away or become enlightened beings. Because there is a growing number of conscious people including myself Micheal, John, George, and all the others on this website who sit somewhere inbetween these extreme types of people who are what some would call realists.


You are never going to transform a serial killer or a rapist by but you can transform yourself and perhaps if some of you spiritual light workers stopped being so fluffy you might save a few lives in the process.


Few therapists really understand empaths or psychopaths and even few understand the dynamics of the relationship between the psychopath narcissist and their victims.  Therefore my message to anyone seeking help after leaving a psychopath whether they are a co-dependant, or empath to find someone that understands the psychopathic mentality and someone who is going to empower you and not give you false hopes about them being able to change or as these lightworkers put it "see the light".


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