NEWS - Seminar on Dark Souls on 31st January 2015. 
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About Dr David Holmes


dr david holmes 

Dr David A Holmes

Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the Department of Psychology & Social Change and Director of the Forensic Research Group at Manchester Metropolitan University


Dr Holmes began academic career in 1982 at Manchester Polytechnic, started lecturing in 1985 at every level from GCSE to MSc in the UK and Hong Kong. Gained his Doctorate in 1994 and then specialising in Psychopathology, Clinical and Forensic Psychology. Dr Holmes founded the Forensic Research Group as long ago as 1998 at Manchester Metropolitan University. This organisation has grown to international recognition and membership producing publications, newsletters and annual conferences. He has published many academic books and papers in clinical and forensic areas from Autism to Stalking, in addition to gracing the pages of the serious and popular press. Dr Holmes has become an internationally known spokesperson on personality disordered, dangerous and predatory people, and is advisor to the government on stalking. He has explained other complex aspects of psychology in terms the public can assimilate on many hundreds of international TV and Radio broadcasts.

abnormal clinical psychology


Dr David Holmes book website contains fascinating video interviews with real disorder sufferers and "day in the life" documentaries charting their experiences; plus multiple choice tests for each chapter.


You can purchase Dr David Holms book Abnormal Clinicial and Forensic Psychology on Amazon